Our Process

We’ve worked on hundreds of custom projects and every project is different. This means that our process often shifts as well, whether that means adding crunch time for a project with a short deadline or going through multiple iterations in prototyping to make sure the end result is just so.

Below is a general process flow, as well as some of the most common customization options we’ve created in the past. If you don’t see what you are looking for, just let us know!


A custom kiosk starts with your idea. We’ll discuss your target audience, necessary functionality, and other project needs to determine what type of kiosk is right for you.


After your needs are defined, we’ll work through multiple designs to find the best approach. Throughout the design phase, we’ll send detailed drawings and specs, keeping you involved at every step.


When you’ve approved a design, our team will create a prototype to begin testing. We’ll make sure everything is correct, and ensure that the final solution meets your needs and our standards.


Once the design and prototype phases are complete, we’ll move into production, ramping up capacity as needed to make sure your custom kiosks ship on schedule and on budget.

Frequent Customizations

Access to Tablet

  • Cameras, including brackets and lighting for document and card scanning
  • Audio jack access for visitors providing their own headsets
  • Home button and power access
  • Volume control access
  • Privacy shields
  • Connectivity
    • Dedicated WiFi routers
    • Wired Ethernet adapters for tablets
  • Power Management
    • External battery packs
    • PoE (power over Ethernet) systems


  • Barcode scanners
    • 1D and 2D scanners
    • driver’s license scanners
  • Card readers
    • magnetic stripe card readers
    • EMV chip and pin readers
    • contactless readers
    • Square readers
  • Printers
    • thermal receipt and ticket printers
    • specialty label printers
    • full-size laser printers
  • Speakers
    • external speakers
    • handset speakers
    • headphones
  • Large-scale external monitors
  • Identification and location-aware technologies
    • RFID readers
    • beacons
  • External keyboards
  • Brochure holders and secured donation boxes


  • Graphic panels
  • Bezel graphics
  • Inlaid logos
  • Metal powdercoating in a wide variety of colors and finishes
  • Large-format backdrop panels
  • Custom shapes and cutouts
  • Vinyl wraps