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For retail displays, a unique, eye-catching look can be key to a project’s success.

Project Requirements

In order to support ambitious plans for kiosk-only ordering and a cashless environment, Shake Shack needed a solution that incorporated Square’s contactless payment systems while protecting the tablet from damage or theft in a busy restaurant location.


Slim Profile Base

A permanently mounted base minimized the kiosk’s space requirements, helping Shake Shack meet their goals of serving more guests at peak times by reducing lines and wait times.

Integrated Payment Processing

The kiosk is equipped with a Square contactless chip reader for fast, EMV-compliant payment processing.

All Black Enclosure

Customizing the head to use all black HDPE resulted in a streamlined look that matched the modern aesthetic of their stores.


Kiosks have many potential uses in healthcare settings, which can translate into specific needs, so healthcare clients often work with us for custom projects.

Project Requirements

A nationally-known healthcare system wanted to streamline check-in during clinic visits, allowing patients to scan a QR code emailed to them prior to their appointment.

The kiosk also needed to accept payments for visit copays. The client chose Square for a convenient payment system without the need to manually enter credit card information.


Square Contactless + Chip & Magstripe Reader

Protects and secures card readers while visually instructing visitors how to use them successfully.

Access to Rear Camera

Metal bracket and motion sensitive LED behind the head helps visitors correctly position the QR code and other cards for scanning with the rear camera.

Custom Graphics

Branding and a clear call to action encourage visitors to approach the kiosk.

Easy to Sanitize

Made with solid materials and non-porous finishes, the kiosk enclosure can easily be wiped down to sanitize, a key feature in a healthcare environment.


Providing a kiosk at your event gives your visitors more chances to learn about what you’re offering.

Project Requirements

A portable, rugged tablet kiosk unit designed to be deployed by emergency response teams working in the field.

When a disaster occurs, field teams often need to collect information from people and businesses that have been affected. Portable kiosk stations like this one provide an easily deployed solution that funnels data directly into the necessary databases so that it can be acted on quickly.


Lightweight Aluminum Construction

Designed to be sturdy and easy to transport.

Shock Mounted on Springs

Unique mounting system prevents damage to the tablet and peripherals during transport over rough terrain.

Full Page Thermal Printer

Allows visitors to print information to submit as part of an application for assistance or for their own records.

Custom Shipping Cover & Base

The integrated metal shipping cover is designed to be an optional base for the kiosk, elevating it off the ground if tables are not available.